Welcome From the Chair

Welcome to Chinese Property Professionals Society (CPPS)!

CPPS was built up based on the former Chinese Real Estate Club set up by William Dong (EX-ING Real Estate), Emily Pang (EX-DTZ) and Henry Chin (RREEF), together with anther 10 experienced professionals working in property investment fields prior to 2007. I was introduced by Henry to the club almost as soon as I join the industry. It was an informal network at that time, where people met up for dinner and shared their experience and ideas. Thanks to the exceptional networking skills of the initial group of members, the network kept expanding.

Property is a relatively new industry for Chinese people in the UK. Chinese property market is a new market to the UK investors. This makes it even more important for the people in relevant fields to stay together and share limited information. In January 2008, I launched an online platform of CPP by Google group, to enhance the communication between members. Subsequently, the network was registered with National Council of Voluntary Organisations formally as a non-profit voluntary society, with the aims of providing a platform to the people in relevant fields to share experience and ideas and more importantly a bridge connecting property industries in the UK and China. The members base were also developed from the initial real estate development field only to real estate development, general practice, estate agents, consulting, construction, architecture, plan & design, academics and all other relevant services. In fact, it covers all the different aspects related to property. By mid 2009, the number of members grew to almost 200, and an official executive committee of the society was formed by 10 young but extremely talented professionals representing different aspects of society. By successfully organising a range of events and activities, the society started to establish its reputation in the property industry both in China and the UK, and be well recoganised by Chinese Embassy in the UK.

In 2008, the property industries in the UK and around the globe have had an unprecedented hit from the financial crisis. CPPS had also experienced a difficult time at its founding phase, as many members unavoidably suffered from the market downturn and had job changes. However, as the market was getting stablised in early 2009, it presented hugh opportunities to the investors, especially Chinese investors holding cash. With the combination of sharp asset value depreciation and strong Chinese currency position, UK property become very attractive to both institutional and private Chinese investors, who are also well sought for by the local vendors. In August 2009, CPPS host the London Housing Forum for over 200 Chinese keen house buyers, an event of its biggest scale so far, to provide a whole process education and analysis to private investors. In November 2009, as the co-organiser of Thames Gateway Forum, CPPS brought a group of Chinese delegates, Chinese institutional investors to the forum, and helped to communicate with the local partner companies. The image of CPPS has been significantly uplifted in the industry.

As the old Chinese slogan said, “Sunshine always comes after storm.” After the financial turmoil, we are able to have a more mature and objective view on the market. Dramatic potentials of the market will follow soon, both to the industry and to the CPPS. We will continue our transformation in 2010, with the vision of becoming the most recognised society connecting the property industries between China and the UK. Practically, we are to become utility to the industry players for your business expansion, and to provide opportunities to our members for your career development. Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to my 10 dedicated committee members, all the volunteers and relevant parties who had been putting lots of efforts on the organisation and events of the society so far. CPPS would not have developed to the current stage without all your contributions.

Thanks very much for your time to view through our website. I hope you agree with what I have said, and I have convinced you to join us. This is the link for the membership application (http://cpps.org.uk/join). Please also feel free to send me your ideas and interests. I will try my best to match them.

Finally, I look forward to meeting you in one of our events in the near future.

Yours Cordially

Ken Xiao