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CPPS Membership Registration

Please read the guidance notes below before completing the form:

Guidance notes for CPPS membership

1. CPPS Member* requirements: * Chinese professionals (including oversea Chinese) working in the property-related industry or * non-Chinese property professionals who have strong interest in UK/China property industry

2. Friends of CPPS requirements: * People who do not satisfy the Member's requirements but have strong interests in the UK/China property industry.

3. If you are an existing Member, you are still required to complete this form in order to continue your membership

4. Membership for Members and Friends is free for the year between 1/12/10 and 31/11/11. the CPPS Committee will review for the best interest of all Members and Friends.

5. This form is used for the membership application up to 31/11/2011

6. More details about CPPS and the Membership can be found on CPPS website

Section 1: Personal Details

Section 2: Language skills

Section 3: Your current appointment

Section 4: Business Category

Section 5: Members' Interests

Section 6: Where you heard about us

Section 7: Data Protection

Please see for details